‘Circulations’ Hugo Dalton / Residence Project

How does one respond to the traffic in the city of Shanghai? For a visitor the new roads make a big impact. When looking back in the history of China 50 years from now how will their creations is judged? They are the new global concession. CIRCULATIONS is an approach, a way of thinking about a phenomenon that dominates daily life. Visitors are free to spin the SHANGHAI PEARL themselves: Control the streams of lights around the walls. The DRIVING SCRIPTS are a modern version of Xíngshū. Made in response to a visit to the Calligraphic gallery at the Shanghai Museum. There is parallel between driving as a means of self expression and the ancient art: Like driving you have to conform to a set of parameters; lane markings, crash barriers or in calligraphic world stroke order and the edges of the paper, legibility is the speed limit, and a slip road the pathway to another letter. Driving is for many a form of self-expression and like the people who practice their calligraphy against the glass of the museum display in water it leaves very little trace. IN THE RED is a found object echoing then Bull’s Head by Picasso. It is from the back section of a moped, the rear red light case has been placed over the gallery spotlight. The red light is symbolic of the downfall and the underworld. The mask is that of the monster you hear 24-7 in modern Shanghai… Kowtow to the new god who knows no limits.

Date: 4 March - 20 April
Location: 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F, Shanghai (near Shimen Er Road)