‘AM ART SPACE’ Peter Vink, Residence Project

AM Art Space looks like spotless white cube but it is not: the space is part of the basement of the Carter Apartment from the 1920s, an building made by the English. There are many traces visible from the past which are not noticed by the visitor. My artwork will be about this details, the details which I like to illuminate, to show to my audience.

Vink always takes spirit of a place as the point of departure in his work, taking into account not only the physical aspects that characterise the location, but also the function the surroundings have in a social context. In doing this he makes visible elements of a space that were previously overlooked. Working with a site-specific approach means that his work is not limited to a single mode of expression, and it may take the form of permanent sculptures and temporary installations, or equally can manifest as a video or light work.

Date: 20 July - 10 September
Location: 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F, Shanghai (near Shimen Er Road)