05.06 - 07.06 'Agentur Schwimmer' Sibylle Hofter / Residency Project

This project organized by AM art space and Department for Culture and Education of the German Consulate-General Shanghai. (DcaE).

The ongoing Agentur Schwimmer photo project promotes a simple approach in a complex world: what is behind the facades and what makes our daily reality working? What are our possibilities to perceive and to show? How is the health system?  Where and how is our food grown? Each of these few questions out of a million represents a multitude of background aspects and obvious aspects. The general approach of the project is the unrestrained enthusiasm to get to know more about the inner workings of society: the supply chains of society. 

Contemporary reality is over-fed by trillions of data-records usually named "images". But where are the images? Along the cleavages of the genres the photographic image is currently decomposed to certain schemes according to and simultaneously with specific image economies. Even photo art tends to decrease in schemes and formal discussion in order to withdraw from core involvement with the subjects shown.

Website of Agentur Schiwimmer: www.agentur-schwimmer.de
Sponsor:Department for Culture and Education of the German Consulate General (DCaE)