‘Trajectory’ Cyril Galmiche, Residency Project

I decided to come to Shanghai because I wanted to investigate into the concept of displacement within the city. The more I wandered through the streets, the more I had the sensation that I was repeating constantly the same movements. Such automatic gesture, such loss of consciousness happened when you walk while being lost in your thoughts, when you move without being conscious of it.

Several times while I was wandering around, I encountered people who attracted my attention. There were practicing Tai Chi, eyes closed, as if they had entered another dimension. This experience prompted my intention to work with the concept of ubiquity (being simultaneously at the different places), which I wanted to explore by repeating the same series of movements in various places. The gaze of someone strolling around is smooth, slow, made of continuous movements that are actually quite similar to someone practicing the Tai Chi. -Cyril Galmiche

Residence time: 1 - 25 February
Openging: 25 February, 6pm, Saturday
Date: 25 February - 25 March
Location: 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F, Shanghai (near Shimen Er Road)