01.25 - 03.13 'Asian Carp' Chen Hangfeng

The carp can be found all across China. The carp both has traditional connotations of prosperity and auspiciousness as well as being, of course, a delicacy on the dining table. Introduced to the United States at a certain point in history, the carp has in recent years spread into major river systems. Having taken over various eco-systems and continuing to cause a lot of destruction to the local environment, they are classed as an invasive species. Yet in China, due to over-fishing and worsening environmental pollution, the carp is becoming virtually extinct in the wild. Since 2010, Chen Hangfeng has been following the topic of “Invasive Species—Asian Carp” and has started a series of research projects, observing and creating artworks. By surveying the conditions of one species under different ethnic, cultural, and natural environments, the project attempts to reflect on and explore the issue of ‘identity’—from the mutations of identity caused by geographical displacement, the disturbances generated between the subject and object can be seen… The discussions provoked by biological species at the same time also accompany Chen Hangfeng’s aesthetic explorations of the appropriation of different mediums in his practice—examples include the misappropriation and re-editing of found objects and video footages, which hint, much like metaphors, at the possibilities for definition.