02.27 'Anti Social Realism DVD release event' Mattin

Mattin is a Berlin - based Basque musician, who mainly engaged in noise music composition and improvisation. During recent years, his performances are only based on voice/ language.
Mattin has issued more than 70 albums, most of the copyrights have been given up in the forms of anti- copyright. He is the editor of the book, and has worked on massive amount of articles in relation to freewares and improvisations.
He once said that his performances are meant to discuss the objectification that Capitalism has applied on people through improvisation. Every performance is different, which could be radical, prevocational, plain and not entertaining at all. These performances challenge traditional ‘improvisation’ and even the concept of music, creating a grey area in performance/ performing art, conceptual art, music and thought.

Mattin’s DVD < Anti Social Realism > has been published by Sub Jam, which includes three performances in Bilbao, Stockholm and Lausanne. They are listed as followed:
1) Nobody Answered, Club Le Larraskito, Bilbao, February, 11th February 2012
2) The Audience Is Not The Mother of Self-Invention, Index, Stockholm, 29th September 2012
3) An Audience Heckling Itself, LUFF Festival, Lausanne, 17th October 2012

18:00-20:00 Mattin’s DVD Release  /  20:00-21:30 Artist Talk
Mattin website:www.mattin.org  /  Subjam website:www.subjam.org