06.06 ‘Windowless Scenery 1 - N Variations of X Space' Jun-Y Ciao

If we set: Space of Am Space as XArea of the space as FHeight of the space as HDistance between performer and each audience as A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7……Speed of the sound traveling in the space as VAir density of the space as DPressure of the space as PAir adiabatic coefficient of the space as KTemperature of the space as T……
How many factors are there to determine a performance?

Any changes of those factors could influence the performance. To some extent, the performer is unable to have absolute control of the final result. The result is merely a presentation of interactive relation between factors. Of course, performer is able to design and decide some of the factors, to dispose its position and state, to adjust their relations with audience, etc. The so-called ‘composing’ has comprised work like this, ‘N variations’ will be one of those attempts.

Performance: 2015.6.6, 4 - 5pm
TALK: 2015.6.7, 3 - 5pm (Guest: Jiao Ying)