07.25 ‘Windowless Scenery 2 - Grand View Garden Feedback' Mai mai

It took me a year to finish reading.
Everynight, before bedtime, I read it on my mobile phone.
Through the illuminant screen, I imagine the Grand View Garden and those voices floating inside.
I see romance, eroticism, and death.

There is no grand view in basement, and music won’t wind its path.
The feedback departs straightly, hits into a wall, turns around, and repeats.
It forms a straight line, an electrocardiogram declaring death.

This performance will be consisted of guitar feedback and guitar performance: ‘music clips from 1987’s TV series Dream of the Red Chamber’ .

Performance: 2015.7.25, 4 - 5pm
TALK: 2015.7.26, 3 - 5pm (Guest: Wang Jing)