07.31 - 08.30 ‘(Un)heard’ Ye Hui

We are unable to escape sound. Regardless of whether we want to hear or not—whether we can hear or not—our bodies receive and make sound, music and noise all of the time. The human body is a source of sound in addition to the constant waves flowing from physical vibrations everywhere. Amidst a quiet room, have you never heard the beating of your own heart, or the pulse of blood pumping through your veins? What about that illusion of sound produced by a confused nervous system, the ringing in your ears?

The mirror of the body reflects the clash of sound before it reaches conscious sense perception. Because of this, the artist is less interested in sound itself, searching rather for the auditory traces left by human experience. There is a futile attempt to return to those purely intimate noises of the body, those perhaps completely non-existent illusions of sound.