12.26 ‘Windowless Scenery 5 - Cello Duo' Sheng Jie

The two musicians will hold a duel of sound and image with electronic cello and acoustic cello.

The two, in the absolute dark space, wear a headlight respectively. What Real-time camera capture and project onto the screen will be the slow-motion, overlapping and time-lapse sequences. The concept of time in the performance is established upon time intervals, so does the duo. Just as the two different tones, ways of performing, genders, frequency of respiratory lead to the different motions of light beam projected to the screen. At that moment, different thoughts and emotions are projected mutually inside the same space.

Performance: 2015.12.26, 4 - 5pm    Guest: A Ming(acoustic cello) 
TALK: 2015.12.27, 3 - 5pm   (Guest: Walter Stone)