‘Conscious Folly’
Artists: Double Fly Art Center,Jiang Peng,Liao Fei,Liu Xinyi,Ma Yongfeng,Song Ta,Tang Dixin
Curator: Huang Le

The novel named 1984 was stopped at page 139 in September, 2012. “Folly! Folly! It’s Conscious, unprovoked and destroyed folly. This is the most difficult fault to be hided in all faults XX may make.” Founding some really stupid thing doubtfully, I hesitate inside but run directly to this thing—I will be relieved after I have done this silly thing. Conscious Folly is a kind of boundless folly. Please let us pay our respects to the predecessors who have done some silly things without hesitation before our exhibition. Meanwhile, we want to send our respects to the people who are busy now doing the silly things in their post. Conscious Folly will be showed during 5pm-8pm in September 8 at AM Art Space, which is over care, futility and flaw everywhere.

Opening: 8 Sep, 5 - 8pm
Date: 8 Sep - 21 Oct
Location: 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F, Shanghai (near Shimen Er Road)

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