am art space is established by two young artists of 80's, Lam and Jam, in April 2008. Not as artists only, but also as art space planners, we are trying to promote and develope the young of Chinese contemporary art and the international exchange of contemporary art and culture.

We hope that am art space and artists could joint creation and art exhibition together through a harmonious family-style relations. We are keen on cooperation with Chinese young artists as well as artists who has different cultural backgrounds in various fields all along. With group of new artists who just graduated from colleges and insist on the artistic creativity and breakthrough, we work together in various forms of exhibitions and activities. We encourage and help them to adhere to artistic creation by our ways. In 2008, am art space carried out the exchanging activity of Biennale in two cities with Liverpool artists and curators in UK through the network. am art space has worked with artists from Italy, Germany and Sweden since the start-up and actively exchange our cultural backgrounds and artistic works in the forms of discussion and interaction. We have always hoped to make it to be a transit point to connect to culture and the arts all over the world and become main power to gather native artistic creation.

am art space is not just a gallery to presents different exhibitions, it also plays a role as a 'project room' which can provide a platform for different art styles, such as visual art, performance art and multimedia art. We are committed to the organization of specialized seminars and academic interactive activities. We are making efforts for those aims and young artists all over the world are welcomed to join us.

Time: Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 5 pm / Weekend: 1pm - 5pm / Closed Mondays

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