'Drawer Story' Francois Trezin

A drawer is a portrait of its owner. It gives information about his or her generation, what they like, and also tells us how they categorise their possessions. This is something Francois Trezin particularly interested in, as the concept of organization has always been present in his work.

Now he is continuing this series across China and Europe.

"The content of a drawer and its organization is something that's always changing by its nature. I accelerate this natural process during the course of the installation, taking a few hours to apply my own vision onto this little world, before putting everything back in its original place."
— Francois Trezin

Opening: 4 September, 1 - 5pm
Date: 4 September - 24 October
Location: 6 Xiangshan Road, 1F (near Sinan Road)

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