'I am so empty' Nica Junker

In Germany in older times people told us girls women have to be seen to take care of the three K's which meant in older times: Kinder (children) Küche (kitchen) and Kirche (church). This means an extreme reduction of the women's body to three fields she is supposed to be good in. The same way as bourgeois Germany reduces the women to a very minimum the fashion industry and commercial advertisement as well reduces women to the fact to be beauty or just to some parts of their body.

They are supposed to be empty.

In Nica's installation, visitors can create their own tabus in fashion with the installation. In this way they take the position of the fashion designer or the director who normally fills them with a content. In this way the tabus that normally are hidden getting visible by being screened in the TV. It is an absurd parody of the fashion world, well of the society we are living in.

Opening: 30 October, 6 - 9pm
Date: 30 October - 14 November
Location: 6 Xiangshan Road, 1F (near Sinan Road)

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