am Art Space is an independent experimental art space founded by artists in 2008. Defining the ideal space as a “room for introspection,” am Art Space has served artists many times as a source of creative inspiration and as a material medium for the realization of creations, using the execution of projects to discuss the relationships between public spaces, artists and the public. Each year, the space carries out international residency programs, programs to support young curators, exhibitions, forums and workshops. We provide an exhibition and exchange platform for many art forms (including visual art, performance art and multimedia), organizing academic exchange events and experimental art performances.

As a self-organized, independent organization, am Art Space exists outside of the traditional art system and commercial models, making it an autonomous, alternative form. In this increasingly regularized contemporary art system, we need the ability to examine and reflect on the current situation from other perspectives, and spaces for the body to engage in broader, freer creation and utilization. Our aim is to use the best of our limited abilities to support, promote and protect those experimental values and discussed values,and to effectively put them into action. We raise questions, not answers.

Open: Wednesday - Saturday: 1pm - 6pm / Reservation for holidays

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