‘Step into the Current’ Anastasia Ax (Sweden)
co-organized by am art space and Biljana Ciric

Each performance is a new performance, this is essential. Each meeting between the performer and the audience, every destruction of the material at hand, points towards a situation of indeterminacy and free activity, where inner and outer can switch place. The role of ink in these activities is double-edged. It belongs to the world of drawing, the physical acts of filling out the white spaces. But the black ink has an element of poison and bile, melancholy and destruction as well. The raw energies connected with the splashing, the spitting out, the havoc, transform time from linear dimensions into circular moments: new thoughts and new communions can take shape, through the unpredictable openness of the situation. The beauty is a beauty of scars, traces, cavities.

more about Anastasia Ax: www.anastasiaax.se

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