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09.8 - 10.21 'Conscious Folly', Group Exhibition>>>
The novel named 1984 was stopped at page 139 in September, 2012. “Folly! Folly! It’s Conscious, unprovoked and destroyed folly. This is the most difficult fault to be hided in all faults XX may make.” Founding some really stupid thing doubtfully, I hesitate inside but run directly to this thing — I will be relieved after I have done this silly thing.

07.1 - 07.31 'Step into the Current', Anastasia Ax >>>
The first solo exhibition of Anastasia Ax in China hosted by am art space, titled Step into the Current, bases on the process of creation and destruction, life and death and power of letting go.

05.25 - 06.29 'Anthem', Xiao Ming & Xiao Hong >>>
Two indie artists, who worked for years, will make their show, “Xiao Ming & Xiao Hong”, a programme of cooperation which has been incubated for a long time, to public for the first time.

03.31 - 05.13 Residency Project 'Systems of Abundance', Aam Solleveld >>>
"I am fascinated by the way the world seems to be arranged on different levels. Nature seems to have its laws and underlying codes"

02.01 - 03.25 Residency Project 'Trajectory', Cyril Galmiche >>>
"My work consists in decomposing and recomposing various times and spaces. I like to add fictional details while I am composing; a sort of scenario in which the main protagonist is the city, whereas the interweaving of movements and the additional elements are the plot."