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09.11 - 11.13 'City Tracery' Yu Ji, Christina Shmigel >>>
Two artists, Two generations, Two generations, One gallery, Shared concerns: How can memory be manifested in the creation of something new, something that carries its history but is not mired in it; how does the slow creation of work by craft and accretion allow memory to inhabit it; how can the installation of the work in space contain the viewer.

07.20 - 09.10 Residence Project 'AM ART SPACE' Peter Vink >>>
AM Art Space looks like spotless white cube but it is not. There are many traces visible from the past which are not noticed by the visitor. The artwork by Peter Vink will be about this details, the details which he likes to illuminate, to show to audience.

04.24 - 07.03 'practice to get lost' Liang Shuo, Xu Zhe, Yin Yi, Hugo Dalton >>>
"We need to learn how to get lost in a city as in a forest, you need to learn how to find the paths and trails that corss the city". The 21 century Shanghai has no modernism depression at all. However, artists meet a basement space, they train themselves to get into maze.

03.04 - 04.20 Residence Project 'Circulations' Hugo Dalton >>>

How does one respond to the traffic in the city of Shanghai? When looking back in the history of China 50 years from now how will their creations is judged? They are the new global concession.